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Snowy owls: messengers from the land of the midnight sun

caption: This snowy owl just came by to say hey.
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This snowy owl just came by to say hey.

Seattle is currently playing host to a mysterious, inspiring, Hedwig-esque visitor from the north. This week’s conversation with King County Executive Dow Constantine. And a look inside the solitary confinement cells at ICE’s Northwest Detention Center.

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Snowy owls (or one, at least) come to Seattle

When you see an owl, what comes to mind? Maybe wisdom, majesty, excellent eyesight. But owls are also a gift, says nature photographer Paul Bannick. And Seattle has been blessed by at least one non-native, snowy present from the frozen north.

King County Executive Dow Constantine 12.1

Thanksgiving is behind us and the end of a very long year is approaching. To find out what that means for COVID transmission rates and the end of federal funding, we spoke to King County Executive Dow Constantine for our weekly Tuesday chat, and took your calls.

UW Center for Human Rights on ICE and solitary confinement

The Northwest Detention Center places more incarcerated people in solitary confinement than any other facility in the nation, says a new report from the University of Washington’s Center for Human Rights – and it’s not close. The Center’s director, Dr. Angelina Godoy, says that ICE records don’t match up with those of the prison operator, GEO Group, raising numerous red flags.

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