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Space crime, coast to coast

caption: THE SCENE OF THE CRIME. (Allegedly.)
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Criming in space. A senator speaks out about conditions at the border. Curtailed recess. And crows whose cholesterol levels give pause.

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International space crime

News outlets breathlessly reported The First Space Crime this weekend, as astronaut Anne McClain’s soon-to-be-former spouse accused her of identity theft from aboard the International Space Station. But was it really a *crime*, per se? Saadia Pekkanen is a University of Washington professor who specializes in outer space security, law, and policy.

Jeff Merkley, America is Better Than This

Bob Ferguson and his undefeated record are joining another lawsuit against the Trump administration, this time about detention practices for families who cross the southern border. Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley has visited those detention centers; his new book is America is Better Than This: Trump’s War Against Migrant Families.

Racial disparities in recess time

There are plenty of things we all miss from elementary school: nap time, recess. But some kids in Seattle – mostly kids of color – are missing out on recess while they’re still in school, according to a KUOW investigation by reporter Ann Dornfeld.

Crows: they're just as unhealthy as we are

The American diet is leading to high cholesterol and other ill health effects. That goes for us as well as the corvids that eat our trash, says University of Washington PhD candidate Kaeli Swift.

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