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caption: Phases of the moon during a lunar eclipse (in Sagittarius, in case you were wondering).
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Phases of the moon during a lunar eclipse (in Sagittarius, in case you were wondering).

The astrological nature of big data

How big of a difference is there between predictive analytics and divining the future? The story of a man killed by police outside the Northwest Detention Center. Excuse me: is this beer local, organic, and salmon-safe? And from a distance, you look like my friend.

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Should we treat data more like a natural resource?

How should we think about big data? Is it ore to be mined? Tar sands to be scrubbed? Or something more like hair, fingernails – even astrological prediction? Anna Lauren Hoffman is an assistant professor at the University of Washington Information School, and wrote an article for Quartz called “The language we use to describe data can also help us fix its problems.”

Northwest Detention Center killing

Saturday morning, a Vashon Island man was shot dead by police outside the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma. Willem van Spronsen was armed with flares and a rifle, and had set fire to a car outside the center. Lilly Fowler from Crosscut has been following the story, including van Spronsen’s arrest at a protest at the center a year before.

SalmonSafe beer

We’ve reached #PeakSeattle: you can now be certain that your local beer is salmon safe. Reporter Hannah Weinberger has been reporting on the group, called SalmonSafe, for Crosscut.

Astronaut Scott Kelly on 50th anniversary of the moon landing

Fifty years ago, a man landed on the moon. In 2019, is Mars the new frontier? If so, we’ll need to know what happens to the human body in space – and astronaut Scott Kelly has contributed a lot to that knowledge. He holds the American record for number of consecutive days in space, and has spent 520 days total in orbit. His memoir is called Endurance: A Year in Space, a Lifetime of Discovery. Bill Radke spoke to him in 2017.