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Pumpin' fists and iron post pandemic

caption: A disco ball, ready to party
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A disco ball, ready to party

The CDC says you can party. If you're fully vaccinated, that is. But are people ready to jump back into the fray? Plus, how one local business is handling the change in CDC and state guidelines, and the story of a videogame created to combat anti-Asian racism.

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The do's and don'ts of partying post pandemic

The CDC says you can party, mask free, if you're fully vaccinated. But what does a post pandemic party look like? Seattle Times food writer Bethany Jean Clement discusses post pandemic party etiquette with Bill Radke.

Seattle businesses have a big decision to make - mask on, or mask off?

Following the CDC's new guidelines for mask wearing, Governor Inslee says it's up to individual business owners to decide whether they want to require masks of all their customers. What position does that leave small businesses in? Bill Radke spoke to Alyssa Royse, owner of Rocket Community Fitness in Hillman City.

Fighting twitter zombies with toilet paper: Chanhee Choi and "Pandemic 2020"

The usual video game plot is that you’re some kind of her going to some kind of castle or stronghold, to defeat an evil villain and save someone. Very rarely do you see racism as the primary enemy in a video game. But that is the villain at the center of a new game from University of Washington Graduate Student Chanhee Choi. She spoke to Record Producer Alec Cowan.

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