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Therapy? There’s an app for that. But should there be?

caption: Therapy? There’s an app for that. But should there be?
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Therapy? There’s an app for that. But should there be?

A therapist in your pocket is possible thanks to therapy apps, but is that a good thing? What you need to know about NFT tokens to understand why it seems like everyone is talking about them. And our weekly conversation with Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan.

As the pandemic continues, many who are feeling the impacts of isolation are turning to therapy apps to help. Derrick J. Hoard is a Seattle-based marriage and family therapist who has previously offered counseling services via one of these apps. Molly Fischer is a features writer for The Cut at New York Magazine whose recent piece “The Therapy-App Fantasy” investigates if therapy apps can live up to their promises. They both discuss what they’ve learned with Bill Radke. Also, if you’ve heard your friends talking about NFT tokens, but don’t have a clue what that means, Lisa Stiffler from GeekWire joins Bill to explain. Lastly, Mayor Jenny Durkan is here for her weekly conversation with Bill to discuss updates around Seattle

NFT tokens are here! But what does that mean?

NFTs are hot right now. That's right, non-fungible tokens are the talk and hype of celebrities, art purveyors, artists, billionaires, tech moguls, and environmental impact advocates. But what are they? And why do we already have a love/hate relationship with them? Lisa Stiffler, a journalist for GeekWire, joins Bill Radke to explain what NFTs can actually do and the pros and cons of what they offer.

The empty promise of the therapy app

With depression and anxiety are on the rise, it’s no surprise that therapists have been in high demand. So much so that in many places, the demand for mental health care has outpaced the supply of therapists. Enter, mental health care on your smartphone. But is this really a solution or are these companies just monetizing mental health care? Joining Bill Radke to discuss this is Seattle-based therapist Derrick J. Hoard as well as Molly Fischer, features writer for The Cut at New York Magazine.

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan 4.8.21

Our weekly conversation with Mayor Jenny Durkan includes a discussion around vaccination protocols and pandemic lessons, as well as your calls about scheduling vaccine appointments now that nearly everyone is becoming eligible in Washington state.

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