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This author wants to make you a beaver believer

caption: The architect at work.
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Beavers: they’re just like us! (Only more effective.) Is the Affordable Care Act on its way out? Brightly colored edibles might be, in an effort to make it less attractive to kids. And further holiday film controversy: is Die Hard a Christmas movie?

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Eager: Beavers

Ben Goldfarb says that if we think beavers are nuisances, we might want to look inward: in their relentless optimization of their environment, they’re most like… us. The author of the new book Eager: The Surprising, Secret Life of Beavers and Why They Matter wants to make you a beaver believer – a “beleaver,” if you will. He says North America’s original architect has a role to play in rebuilding for climate resiliency.

Texas Affordable Care Act ruling

Congress said the individual mandate was a tax. The Supreme Court struck it down. Now a federal judge in Texas has said that without a tax, the entire law is unconstitutional. Confused yet? Aaron Katz, from the University of Washington School of Public Health, explains.

The changing shades of edibles

Are adults attracted to primary colored foods? And more importantly, will changing the color of marijuana edibles make them less exciting to kids? We asked Cal McAllister, founder of The Paper Crane Factory, and the Department of Marketing and International Business at the University of Washington’s Mark Forehand.

A Very Die Hard Christmas

Is Die Hard a Christmas movie? Bill Radke has strong feelings. Dispatched to convince KUOW’s Christmas movie Grinch were the cast and crew of the musical A Very Die Hard Christmas, playing now at Seattle Public Theater. Director Mark Siano, Jason Marr (who plays the Bruce Willis character John McClane) and Helen Roundhill, who plays McClane's wife Holly Gennaro.

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