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Finding the truth in a cat video world

So much information. So little time. Who can you trust to bring you accurate information in an age overwhelmed by, well, BS?

That’s the subject of this talk by University of Washington professors Jevin West and Carl Bergstrom. They created the course "Calling Bullshit: Data reasoning in a digital world.

Their teaching caught fire at UW and spread to other universities. In this talk, you’ll find a fine primer for navigating your way to a less BS-laden media stream.

But don’t have any illusions, it won’t be easy. Sometimes, their best recommendation is to unplug and think for yourself.

Jevin West is an assistant professor in the Information School at the University of Washington and co-founder of the DataLab. Carl Bergstrom is a professor in the Department of Biology at the University of Washington, and a member of the External Faculty of the Santa Fe Institute.

They gave this presentation, “Spotting and Refuting Bullshit,” as part of the University of Washington Graduate School program BUNK: The Information Series on November 7 at UW’s Kane Hall.

Please note: This recording contains unedited use of the expression "bullshit."

Listen to the full versions below: