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caption: Monica Nickelsburg, Erica Barnett, Monica Guzman and Bill Radke [L-R]
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Monica Nickelsburg, Erica Barnett, Monica Guzman and Bill Radke [L-R]
Credit: KUOW PHOTO/Kara McDermott

This week: Is Seattle really dying?

Bill Radke reviews the week’s news with Erica Barnett from the C if for Crank, co-founder of the Evergrey Monica Guzman and civics editor at Geekwire Monica Nickelsburg.

A local news station released an hour-long special claiming “Seattle is Dying” this week. The program showed a lot of tent camps, garbage, people who looked poor and maybe homeless, maybe mentally ill, maybe high. Is this a fair characterization of the city? How did it resonate ?

And this week, Boeing came under more scrutiny. The FBI will join the investigation into the Boeing 737 Max 8 certification process. A report also came out that found the two 737s that crashed both lacked optional safety features for which those airlines would have to pay extra. Where does Boeing go from here?

Last week, presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren said Amazon should be broken up because they compete unfairly and eat up small businesses. Gov. Inslee agreed that big companies need to be reined in. How worried should tech companies be that Democrats running for president are calling them a problem?

Plus, public comment, Gov. Inslee’s Facebook page and the start of spring.