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This week the partial government shutdown ends — for now

caption: Sydney Brownstone, Joni Balter, Bill Radke, Erica Barnett [L-R]
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Sydney Brownstone, Joni Balter, Bill Radke, Erica Barnett [L-R]

Bill Radke reviews the week’s news with KUOW’s web editor Sydney Brownstone, The C is for Crank writer Erica Barnett and host of Civic Cocktail on the Seattle Channel, Joni Balter.

The partial government shutdown is over, but only for three weeks. President Trump announced that he would sign a bill passed by Congress that would reopen the government and give back pay to the federal workers who have not been paid this month. What did we learn in the last three weeks?

Before the government reopened, the FBI arrested Roger Stone, former adviser to President Trump. Stone is charged with witness tampering, obstruction and lying to Congress.

This week the Seattle Times reported that 90,000 cars seem to have disappeared from Seattle streets. What has the closure of the viaduct taught us about our driving and commuting habits?

The Washington State Department of Transportation wants to make sure that your old viaduct habits die when you enter the new tunnel. WSDOT has spent $4.4 million on a campaign to educate drivers on the new exists. Will it be enough?

Plus, the case of electors who didn’t vote for the candidate of their party’s choice, a measles outbreak in Washington state and Seattle City Councilmember Sawant's take on democracy vouchers.

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