Rob McKenna, Bill Radke, Mike McGinn and Monica Guzman [L-R]
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Rob McKenna, Bill Radke, Mike McGinn and Monica Guzman [L-R]
Credit: KUOW Photo/ Kara McDermott

This week we all missed the party on the Viaduct

Bill Radke reviews the week’s news with former Washington state Attorney General Rob McKenna, former Seattle mayor Mike McGinn and the co-founder of the Evergrey newsletter Monica Guzman.

Seattle threw the Viaduct a goodbye party and than prepared for a viadoom that never came. We discuss whether or not we even need the new tunnel, or if new everyone’s new transportation habits might stick.

This week, Microsoft announced it would invest almost $500 million in loans to help develop affordable housing in the Seattle area. Why is Microsoft jumping into the affordable housing issue and will this investment put pressure on other big name companies in Washington state?

Gov. Jay Inslee delivered his State of the State speech to the state legislature. Some Republicans in the house thought it was divisive and was aimed more at a national audience. But was it?

Plus, will there be a State of the Union? Did the President obstruct justice? And finding joy with Katelyn Ohashi and her perfect gymnastic routine.