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This week, we're getting political

Mellina Cusak White, Jessyn Farrell, Bill Radke, and C.R. Douglas [L-R]
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KUOW Photo/Amina Al-Sadi

Bill Radke reviews the week’s news with: Mellina White Cusack, blogger at The Seattle Conservative and campaign director for Christopher Rufo for Seattle City Council, C.R. Douglas, political analyst at Seattle's Q13, and former state representative Jessyn Farrell.

Tuesday was election day, and the big news out of Washington State was a flipped 8th District and a more blue King County. We dive into the winners and losers from the 2018 midterm elections.

And before the midterms, leaks sprung about Amazon’s much anticipated HQ 2 announcement. Over the weekend, it was rumored that Crystal City, Virginia would become the new home of Amazon’s second headquarters. Then we heard there might be an HQ3, with Amazon splitting its time between two locations. Are we all being played?

Then we turn to election results from California. Voters in San Francisco passed Proposition C, a measure that would tax big companies to fund homeless services and housing. Is Seattle ready for a tax like that after the head tax's failure?

Finally: Should we make daylight saving time permanent?

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