Joni Balter, Sydney Brownstone, Essex Porter and C.R. Douglas.
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Joni Balter, Sydney Brownstone, Essex Porter and C.R. Douglas.
Credit: KUOW Photo/ Amina Al-Sadi

This week, we review 2018

C.R. Douglas reviews the week’s news with KUOW’s online editor Sydney Brownstone, KIRO 7 government and politics reporter Essex Porter and Seattle Channel’s Civic Cocktail host Joni Balter.

The last week of the year started with a huge drop in the stock market, a partial government shutdown and the president’s surprise trip to Iraq to visit the U.S. troops stationed there. We discuss how the shutdown is affecting government workers and the political leaders negotiating its reopening.

And as it is the last Week In Review of 2018, our panel of journalists have selected the top national, state and Seattle news stories of the year. We discuss the uncertainty with the federal government, Democrats becoming the majority party in the House, family separation at the border, the rise of white supremacy as seen with the shooting at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh and the confirmation hearing of Supreme Court judge Brett Kavanaugh.

At the state level, we discuss the lawmakers accused of sexually harassing their colleagues, climate change in the Northwest, the defeat of the carbon tax, Washington voters passing the most sweeping gun control measure in the country and the end of McCleary.

The biggest stories coming out of the city of Seattle this year was the appointment of Carmen Best to Seattle’s chief of police, how Seattle’s mayor Jenny Durkan will handle the political fallout of the failed head tax and a lesson from New York City on how to work Amazon.