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Washington's free Covid test program comes to an end

caption: A 15-minute, at-home Covid test.
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A 15-minute, at-home Covid test.
Dyer Oxley / KUOW

Washington state's free at-home Covid-19 test program is winding down, now that President Biden has declared an end to the public health emergency. That means things will be changing after Monday.

Washington's free Covid test program relied on federal support, which has been phasing out. The state's residents can still order free Covid tests through Monday, March 13. Between then and May 11, only people in high-risk areas can order free Covid tests. High-risk areas are determined by zip code.

Check this website to determine eligibility.

Also, keep in mind you can still order free rapid home tests from the federal government while supplies last.

Since launching January 2021, Washington has provided free Covid-19 tests to a million households.

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