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caption: Row 1: Acacia, Annika, Braeden, Cienne and Enya. Row 2: Hannah, Jadenne, Josh, Kamil and Kenny. Row 3: Keya, Leila, Lila, Medha and Meghana. Row 4: Mimi, Selam, Tre, Will and Zack.
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Row 1: Acacia, Annika, Braeden, Cienne and Enya. Row 2: Hannah, Jadenne, Josh, Kamil and Kenny. Row 3: Keya, Leila, Lila, Medha and Meghana. Row 4: Mimi, Selam, Tre, Will and Zack.
Credit: KUOW Photo

Welcome KUOW's Summer 2018 RadioActive youth producers

KUOW's RadioActive Youth Media is proud to offer our summer journalism workshop. Twenty teens, aged 15-18, will spend six weeks learning what it means to be a journalist.

During that time, they'll gain the skills to create radio stories. They'll do all of the research, interviews, writing, voicing and editing to produce their own feature stories and podcasts on topics of their choice.

Acacia Niyogi, Junior, Interlake High School

With a love for writing, reading, and theater from a very young age, I’ve had a dire need for self-expression. I constantly want to know new types of people and cultures. I love to travel, and most importantly, I love to eat. I am always eager to debate any subject passionately, ranging from politics to the latest Marvel movie. I love to hear new and different perspectives on topical issues. I hope that through journalism, I can shine a light on people's stories and opinions.

Annika Prom, Senior, Mountlake Terrance High School

My family, who came as war refugees from Cambodia, often gave me the classic “back when I was your age…” stories and talked about sneaking in food from McDonald’s, struggling to adjust to American culture, and defying the forces of nature to start their own families. From simply talking to others, I learned to acknowledge stories as a form of therapy and comforting reminder that these experiences are real and we are not alone in facing them.

Braeden Swanson, Senior, Raisbeck Aviation High School

If you don’t see me out on the soccer pitch or unicycling around the neighborhood, I’m probably at home watching The 100 with my pug, Leonard. My wide variety of interests has compelled me to explore a multitude of opportunities and led me to meet the coolest people with the most incredible stories. I am always striving to help people and spread kindness. I am an advocate for reformed gun laws and women’s equality, and I hope to leave a positive impact on the world.

Cienne Bronson, Senior, Inglemoor High School

Stories are powerful and each one of us is living our own story. Writing has always been there for me whether it was to process emotions or be a creative outlet. Words on paper have always spoken to me. I am passionate about sharing my stories and others through the power of storytelling. Through journalism, I hope to bring these stories to life. I am realistic, compassionate, driven and excited to take on these opportunities that push me to learn more about myself and others.

Enya Garcia, Associates of Arts Candidate, Bellevue College

I love social sciences because I love learning about humans. I spend my time reading obscure poetry and watching horror movies. I like travelling, wearing bright colors, and prefer winter over summer. I hope to one day become a sociologist researcher and through that make a difference in the world.

Hannah Schoettmer, Junior, Hazen High School

It’s always been a dream of mine to bake the perfect loaf of banana bread. I really like scented candles, and my most prized possession is Fleetwood Mac’s “Rumors” on cassette. Some of my marketable skills include a passion for music (I play more than just “Wonderwall” on guitar) and my ability to give facts about sea creatures on demand. Although I’m no longer waiting to get whisked away on a magical adventure anytime soon (Gandalf is my last hope), I hope to make some impact by telling stories.

Jadenne Cabahug, Junior, Kentridge High School

Storytelling is a big part of who I am as a person. As a child, I found that reading books was more addicting than playing with my other toys or watching a colorful TV show. As a social person, I create connections by sharing stories big and small. Travelling is another big part of my life, having moved from San Diego, California to Atsugi, Japan and now here to Seattle! I am a hard-working individual who hopes to uncover and share stories with the world.

Josh Fernandes, Junior, Ballard High School

Ever since I was in middle school, my teachers have told me I have a face for radio. While I personally believe I have more of a “reclusive author” face, I can’t deny my affinity for the auditory arts. I have played the bass since I was twelve and rapped in enough school projects to fill a mixtape someone hands you at the bus stop. More than anything, I strive to find that perfect way to express my stories, and I can’t wait to hop right in and make some radio.

Kamil Saad, Senior, Inglemoor High School

I love learning about all the complexities and intricacies of the world. I find it fascinating how much there is to learn and how many possibilities are out there. I try to be conscious of my impact on the world, so I do my best to be sustainable. In my free time, I enjoy going on bike rides, spending time with friends and producing videos. My favorite way to spend time with others is through board games or Dungeons and Dragons. One of my main goals is to make as many people laugh as possible.

Kenny Ou, Freshman, University of Washington

I’m a typical nerd in high school who loves to learn about anything that I can get my hands on. From learning about L’Hôpital’s rule in calculus to human anatomy, I’m always striving to improve myself with knowledge. I have big dreams to pursue something in the medical field and give free healthcare to the people that really need it. I love telling stories and my personal background will give a unique way of telling each individual one.

Keya Roy, Senior, Issaquah High School

Along with being obsessed with Parks and Recreation and BROCKHAMPTON, I am a total nerd for the arts, science and politics. I've been tuning the dial to 94.9 ever since I can remember, and I am so excited to be part of an organization that has shaped who I am so much. On any given weekend, you can find doing some sort of political activism or eating Molly Moon's ice cream. Here’s to a summer of telling the stories of others and learning my own story!

Leila Abe, Senior, Cleveland High School

Most of my life, I have been around people who proudly challenge the dominant narrative. I’ve always wanted to challenge that narrative too and found the perfect outlet for my challenge: storytelling. After spending most of high school doing restorative justice circles and helping lead a student awareness council and the students of color club at my school, I still use writing to challenge narratives the most.

Lila Shroff, Junior, Mercer Island High School

Although a Seattleite at heart, I am passionate about travel, adventure and the great storytelling opportunities that travel brings. The only thing I enjoy more than listening to a great story is telling one. This yearning to tell stories first manifested itself through theater. After performing in productions at theaters such as ACT Theatre and Youth Theatre Northwest, I started exploring other forms of self-expression, including poetry, filmmaking, screenwriting, improv, photography and now radio!

Medha Kumar, Junior, Eastlake High School

Touching people's hearts and being kind to others are two things that are important to me. I cherish playing the clarinet and learning Indian music and dance so that I can give others joy through sound and rhythm. Helping the community to preserve nature is a passion of mine, and I am fortunate to live in a place that is conducive to living that passion. Now you know a little bit about me, but I hope you can learn more about my perspective through the content that I create here at RadioActive.

Meghana Kakubal, Junior, Mercer Island High School

My nose has consistently been in books since first grade. Nowadays, I find my stories in the people around me. As a part of my radio class, I have interviewed fascinating people and thrived in the experience of meeting new people. I also love playing flute, listening to jazz music, playing frisbee, and eating pickles. My hobbies include photography and dancing in my room with the door closed. I'm excited to take part of this program and learn as much as I can about quality journalism!

Mimi Zekaryas, Junior, University Prep

I love the 90s and enjoy old school rap. When I am not researching the 90s, I write poetry and read. I also play basketball and run track. I come from a large Eritrean family so I love kids. On the days I don’t have a sport, I volunteer at a non-profit tutoring center, Bureau of Fearless Ideas, where I tutor or help organize workshops for elementary school kids.

Selam Demile, Senior, Franklin High School

I’ve always known that I loved helping others but after moving to the U.S. I had a hard time finding my true identity. I experienced culture shock and tried to assimilate but it wasn’t me. In the journey of self-discovery, I met others like me who inspired me from their stories. I realized the power of storytelling and gained an interest in journalism. I like hearing different people’s experiences and sharing my own to help empower others.

Tre'vion Sinclair, Sophomore, Rainier Beach High School

I love music and listen to a lot of Tupac. I began writing poetry in 8th grade but now focus on writing my own music. I also enjoy playing basketball. When I was younger, I felt like I was different from everyone else. I thought I had secret superpowers that I hadn’t unlocked yet. Now, I’m more realistic, and I guess I do have superpowers, just not in the way I thought I would. Honestly, I just wanna be something special.

Will Rasmussen, Freshman, Western Washington University

I consume any media I can get my hands on: books, TV, movies, the internet, and radio. I love to enjoy and craft intricate stories, from the absolutely fantastical to the most realistic of nonfiction. Even so, my real skills lie in technology: solving problems with code and hunting for a bug. I work better with friends, and I started a film club and participated in a feminist club with them. I know this program will teach me to better tell stories, and I’m ready to learn.

Zack Gates, Freshman, University of California Santa Cruz

I love learning about history and telling stories. I want to show others stories about people who look like them, which is why I'm interested in teaching history as well as studying journalism. I bus to school daily and love using that time to listen to podcasts and the sounds of the city. During my downtime, I enjoy writing, reading poetry, and cycling. I'm also interested in music production.