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What are your pandemic pet peeves and big questions?

caption: What's been getting on your nerves during quarantine?
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What's been getting on your nerves during quarantine?

Need some advice on how to handle this pandemic? We asked a public health official, a restaurateur, and a pair of jovial advice-givers.

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Keita + Katie

There are the big questions: testing, survival, the future of our city and our country. But there are also smaller problems: roommates, food handling, home schooling. We had smart, likeable non-experts Katie Anthony and Keita Williams take your calls.

Jeff Duchin on testing

State health officials are now saying that even if you have mild symptoms of COVID-19, you should get tested for the illness. But “the return on testing people who have no known exposure and no symptoms is pretty low,” says King County Public Health Officer Jeff Duchin. Bill Radke talked through the many contradictions in the public health response to this disease.

Restaurant reopenings

As we move into phase 2 of the governor’s plan to get businesses back on their feet, restaurateurs will need to radically adapt the way we dine. Melissa Miranda is the owner of Musang, which had opened shortly before the pandemic began.

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