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What Bob Ferguson does when he’s not suing Donald Trump

caption: Attorney General Bob Ferguson
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Attorney General Bob Ferguson

What’s the AG up to in his copious spare time? Mayor Durkan once again desires a streetcar, and Jay Inslee expands his presidential flirtation to New Hampshire. Lastly, anything can be fodder for comedy – including struggles with weight, mental health, and addiction, this comic found.

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Bob Ferguson on not-Trump

Washington’s Attorney General Bob Ferguson hasn’t filed a suit against the Trump administration in a while. What’s he doing with all his spare time? We spoke to him about gun regulation, as well as everything from new taxes to minimum ages for tobacco use.

Durkan talks streetcar

The mayor’s on-again, off-again relationship with the streetcar project is back on. Now it’s up to the city council to approve or deny a $65M proposal to pay for it. In this time of increased traffic congestion, we asked Jenny Durkan what changed her mind about the plan, especially as the cost has doubled and ridership has fallen.

Will he or won't he?

Governor Jay Inslee continues to inch towards the presidential nomination, this time with a couple of speeches about climate change in the Granite State. KUOW’s Austin Jenkins is following the story.

Bill Bernat, Becoming More Less Crazy

Bill Bernat has struggled with his weight, mental health, and substance abuse. Unlike many people, he’s chosen to translate those struggles into comedy, with a one-man show called “Becoming More Less Crazy. How I Stopped Wanting To Kill Myself, Quit Drugs, Lost 117 Pounds And Overcame Social Anxiety.”

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