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RA What I heard when I returned to school
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Credit: KUOW GRAPHIC/Charlotte Engrav

What I heard when I returned to school

Many students are going back to school for in-person learning. RadioActive youth producer Charlotte Engrav is one of them. She feels mixed emotions.

In this creative audio diary told entirely through sound, she shares her experience with anxiety during school after over a year of virtual classes.

[RadioActive Youth Media is KUOW's radio journalism and audio storytelling program for young people. This episode was entirely youth-produced, from the recording to the audio editing.]

caption: A return to in-person school means more time riffling through the closet. 
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This RadioActive Youth Media podcast was produced in an advanced producers program for high school and college students. Production assistance by Sonya Harris. Prepared for the web by Mary Heisey. Edited by Kelsey Kupferer.

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