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caption: The Iranian flag.
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What’s really going on in US-Iran relations?

Rumors of war have been greatly exaggerated. End of an era on the King County Council. Foster kids in hotel rooms. And a town, an election, and… warehouses.

Iran-U.S. Relations

Bill Radke speaks to Resat Kasaba, director of the University of Washington's Jackson School of International Studies, about the U.S. airstrike in Iran and its ramifications.

Larry Gossett exit interview

Larry Gossett spent 25 years on the King County Council before losing his last election to Girmah Zahilay, who’ll be sworn in on Wednesday. Bill Radke spoke with Larry in something of an exit interview.

Dowd on foster kids in hotels

Hotel stays are fun for kids, right? Unless they have nowhere else to go, says Patrick Dowd, who’s director of the state Office of Family and Children's Ombuds. Some foster children are having extended stays not in individual or group homes, but in hotel rooms.

Joshua McNichols on DuPont, Washington

DuPont, Washington is a town trying to find its place in the tech economy. KUOW’s Joshua McNichols has that story.