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caption: United States Postal Service vans parked in a lot.
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United States Postal Service vans parked in a lot.

What’s the deal with the postal service?

The political tussle over the United States Postal Service comes home to Washington. A look at COVID-19 immunity: what we do and don’t know. Racism interrupters that have your back. And the increasingly crowded gig economy.

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John Ryan on USPS

What’s the deal with the post office? It depends on who you ask. There are a lot of stories that aren’t quite lining up about why mail sorting machines across the country are being removed (and then in some cases, reinstalled). KUOW’s John Ryan has been following the story.

Antibodies: not the be-all, end-all of COVID immunity

The million dollar question In These Times: if you’ve had COVID, can you get it again? A lot of the discussion around SARS-Cov2-19 has painted it as a disease like no other we’ve seen. But while it is a novel virus, our immune system’s response is it is much like you’d expect from any illness, says University of Washington immunologist Marion Pepper.

My Karen Translator

In the summer of 2020, two things are happening (aside from *gestures broadly at everything else*). One, long-overdue conversations about racism are popping up in both personal and professional life. And just as April showers bring May flowers, with those conversations come a great many micro- (and macro-)aggressions. My Karen Translator is a service that aims to step in; KUOW’s Jeannie Yandel spoke with founders Jodi-Ann Burey and Elizabeth Jarvie.

Joshua McNichols on the gig economy

When the coronavirus layoffs began in March and April, newly unemployed folks looked to the gig market to shore up their earnings and make a livelihood. The problem: the gig economy already had many people in it, struggling to make a living. KUOW’s Joshua McNichols has the story of how the two populations uneasily co-exist.