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Who’s your daddy?

caption: Professor Nara Milanich's new book, Paternity: The Elusive Quest for the Father.
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Professor Nara Milanich's new book, Paternity: The Elusive Quest for the Father.

ISO the father, via science and society. What will tech giants’ affordable housing money fund? Is teriyaki on the wane in Seattle? Is Alexa listening to your kids? And another tale of cold cases revived through DNA testing websites.

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Nara Milanich, Paternity

Paternity tests on daytime television may have had their zenith on Maury Povich in the late 90s, but Barnard history professor Nara Milanich says we’re still looking for that dad-based explanation of who we are. Her new book is Paternity: The Elusive Quest for the Father.

Amazon, Microsoft, and Plymouth Housing

This week, Amazon and Microsoft each pledged $5M toward affordable housing in Seattle. That money will go to Plymouth Housing. What will happen to it then? We spoke to the CEO of Plymouth, Paul Lambros.

Seattle and teriyaki

Teriyaki: the sticky sweet clamshells of Seattle lore. Why is it such a thing here? And is that changing? Eric Banh is co-owner of Ba Bar Seattle and Monsoon, and has long kept an eye on Seattle food trends.

Is Alexa eavesdropping on your kids?

Surprising no one who has ever read Orwell, Alexa has apparently been recording your kids without your consent all this time. Or so a new suit alleges, which has been filed in federal court and claims that the Amazon Echo is violating the privacy of children. Venkat Balasubramani is a tech lawyer with the Focal Law Group.

Victoria BC cold case

A Sea Tac man is on trial this week for the decades-old murder of a young couple from Victoria BC. As is becoming increasingly common, he was caught through a DNA match from a genetic family tree site. KUOW’s Patricia Murphy reports.

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