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Will Kavanaugh saga help Washington Democrats flip the U.S. House?

caption: Washington Senator Patty Murray
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Washington Senator Patty Murray

Senator Patty Murray says the Brett Kavanaugh saga will have a big impact on the upcoming midterm elections here in Washington State. But it won't be easy for Democrats to pick up a house seat.

It happened back in 1992 when Murray first ran for office, along with dozens of other female candidates – mostly Democrats – who were elected following the hearings ahead of Justice Clarence Thomas's appointment to the Supreme Court.

"I'm sitting here in the United States Senate as a result of how badly the Anita Hill hearings were handled, and how women felt like their voices were not heard, that they were told to sit down and be quiet," Murray said.

In Washington state this year, Democrats says they have a shot in three House races — but most of the campaign money is pouring into the battle for the 8th Congressional District east of Seattle.

Democrats have never held the 8th Congressional District. But their chances improved after Republican Congressman Dave Reichert announced his retirement. Incumbents are often much harder to beat.

Democrats also think they've got a shot because voters in the 8th picked Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump back in 2016.

This year Democrat and pediatrician Kim Schrier is running against Republican and former state lawmaker Dino Rossi. 

Outside the Kent Public Library, Paul Orr said he plans to vote for Schrier, and he does not want to see Brett Kavanaugh confirmed to the Supreme Court.

“He is a blackout drunk. I believe the woman,” Orr said.

Megan Raak, who also lives in the 8th Congressional District, disagrees. “I think it's hard to know who to believe,” Raak said. 

Raak wants to see Kavanaugh on the high court, and plans to vote for Republican Dino Rossi in the fall. 

A recent New York Times poll says the race is a dead heat.

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