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Will we ever fight over restaurant reservations again?

caption: A view from the outside of Tom Douglas' restaurant Lola, now shuttered.
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A view from the outside of Tom Douglas' restaurant Lola, now shuttered.

When will we all be able to gather at restaurants again? Tuesdays with Dow Constantine. The surprisingly simple reason why testing capacity is so low. And what it takes for students to get their educations at home.

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Tom Douglas on restaurant closures

Seattle restaurateur Tom Douglas began the year with 13 restaurants; now he has one. From 850 employees to 10. After the pandemic and recession that’s likely to ensue, will the restaurant industry ever be the same?

Dow Constantine 4/14

King County Executive Dow Constantine joins us every Tuesday to take your calls. This week: social distancing is working, but we can’t let up yet. However, some are already beginning to discuss what it might look like to reopen our economy and society.

For want of a swab

You’ve heard how difficult it is to get tested for the coronavirus (unless you’re a celebrity, or a tiger at the Bronx Zoo). For the rest of us, the shortage is driven by globalization and capitalism, but comes down to: America doesn’t manufacture nasal swabs. UW Head of Virology Keith Jerome explains.

Ann Dornfeld on distance learning

The joke now is that every parent in Seattle is now a homeschooler. But homeschooling is very different from the distance learning that many parents are now being asked to supplement. KUOW education reporter Ann Dornfeld has been reporting that story.

Why you can trust KUOW