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With a mistaken email, Crystal Geyser controversy bubbles up

caption: Geyser drama.
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When Mercury retrograde accidentally blows the lid off the water wars. Sewage spills from treatment plans. Soda fizzes up into a divisive issue. And on less watery notes, Edgar Martinez makes the Baseball Hall of Fame and a KUOW series aims to focus on parents and kids with anxiety.

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Crystal Geyser email leak

Imagine you’re a reporter. You email a company for a standard statement on a controversial plant they’ve proposed in a local community. But instead of the boilerplate, you receive a detailed plan on how the company plans to force its project through. Alex Brown was the journalist in question, and when he received that email from bottled water company Crystal Geyser, he did what any journalist would do. He published it.

West Point Treatment Plant leaks

On Friday, a failure at the West Point Treatment Plant in Discovery Park caused about 3 million gallons of untreated sewage to spill into the Puget Sound. It’s not the first time this has happened. Heather Bartlett is manager of the state Ecology Department’s Water Quality Program. The Seattle Times’ Lynda Mapes investigated the plant after its disastrous flood in 2017.

New Coke is back

Stranger Things has New Coke riding high on a retro renaissance. But in 1985, it went down to a stinging defeat driven by a Seattle man named Gay Mullins. The Old Cola Drinkers of America was the Tea Party of soft drinks, says Mother Jones reporter Tim Murphy. He wrote a piece called “New Coke Didn’t Fail. It Was Murdered.”

Edgar Martinez makes the Hall of Fame

Despite the Mariners’ sound defeat yesterday, it was a great day for the organization. On his tenth and final year of eligibility, Edgar Martinez was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. This was despite an eye condition that made it hard for him to focus on the same thing with both eyes. His vision coach Tom Davidson spoke with Bill Radke about his involvement in one of the greatest careers in team history.

Wired for Worry: When does your kid need treatment?

Anxiety disorders can hit anytime in a person’s life, and some doctors are urging early intervention with kids as young as three. This week, KUOW’S Deborah Wang is sharing stories in a series called “Wired for Worry.” Today she explores how to know when an anxious kid needs treatment.

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