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With great talent comes mental illness, says this psychiatrist

caption: Ned Hallowell
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Ned Hallowell
Courtesy Ned Hallowell

King County Executive Dow Constantine takes our questions and yours. Also, can Washington state lawmakers block anyone on their social media accounts? We also talk to a psychiatrist who embraces his “crazy” family, and two Seattleites who are creating a map of the weird inside city limits.

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Ned Hallowell's Crazy Family

Psychiatrist Ned Hallowell embraces the fact that he comes from a “crazy” family: his quote, not ours. He’s known for books on ADD and ADHD, and he hopes his new memoir will help erase the stigma around that five letter word. It’s called Because I Come From a Crazy Family. We also spoke to Lesley Todaro, clinical director at the Hallowell Todaro ADHD Center.

Dow Constantine on the 2018 midterms

You may have heard something about this, but D-Day on the midterm election is in just a week. We spoke to Dow Constantine about several matters that impact the county – as well as whether he’s voted, and how.

Jim Walsh being sued over Facebook blocking

Social media beef flies thick and fast nowadays. There’s a Facebook spat that’s far less entertaining than the Nicki Minaj/Cardi B fracas, but it might have constitutional consequences. Washington State Representative Jim Walsh has banned two constituents from his public page, and now they’re suing. Caitlin Carlson, assistant professor of strategic communication at Seattle University, gives us context.

Liminal Seattle walking tour

You think you know the Puget Sound… but you have no idea. There are demons, ghosts, and gangs of people pulling wet wipes out of subway sandwiches on the bus. To help you track them, Jeremy Puma and Garrett Kelly are mapping the city’s weird in a project called Liminal Seattle.

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