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caption: Snohomish County District Court.
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Snohomish County District Court.

Woodinville man in court one day after standoff with police

A Woodinville man carried multiple firearms into a Snohomish County courthouse on Monday, prompting a temporary lockdown. He had his first court appearance the very next day, Tuesday. A judge has set bail at $1 million.

According to probable cause documents, the suspect, 32-year-old David Hsu, went into the courthouse armed, demanding to see two judges and the sheriff. Hsu was demanding that changes be made to his child custody arrangements. He surrendered to authorities after a standoff lasting several hours.

At an initial district court hearing Tuesday, a judge found probable cause for several charges including unlawful possession of a firearm, resisting arrest, and unlawful display of a weapon.

Judge Jennifer Rancourt set Hsu's $1 million bail because of the substantial risk the Snohomish County prosecutor believes he poses to himself and the public.

Prosecutors argue that Hsu came into the courthouse with at least five firearms, brass knuckles, body armor, and hundreds of rounds of ammunition.

Hsu has no previous criminal history.

The prosecutor's office has two days to file charges in district court.