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'You feel lost and alone': Capturing the personal stories of Seattle displacement

We don't need statistics to see that Seattle is growing at an unprecedented rate. One neighborhood where the change is most noticeable is the Central District.

Long known as a place where African Americans could find a home, a place of worship and a community, it's become something much different. For years, African Americans have been moving out of the area because they simply can't afford to live there any longer. As a result, the community that once meant so much to the region's African Americans has fractured.

Jeff Shulman is an associate professor of marketing at the University of Washington. He hosts a weekly podcast called Seattle Growth Podcast, in which he looks at the changes taking place in our region.

He sat down with KUOW's Katherine Banwell to talk about some of the people he's met who are being affected.

Editor's note: Damon Bomar, whose voice is heard in this interview, is the caterer for an upcoming KUOW function, Ask A Newcomer.

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