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Caroline Chamberlain Gomez

Supervising Producer, Seattle Now


Caroline is the supervising producer on KUOW's daily news podcast Seattle Now. She has produced stories on everything from our southern resident killer whales to Washington's chaotic redistricting process. Additionally, she created the podcast's popular Friday show "Casual Friday." She is getting her masters degree in Human Centered Design and Engineering from the University of Washington and applies human-centered design to both her published work and behind-the-scenes processes. Previously at KUOW, she produced Battle Tactics For Your Sexist Workplace and Second Wave.

Before KUOW, she produced DnA: Design and Architecture and Good Food at KCRW in Los Angeles. She got her start in radio at UCLA where she worked for the small but mighty radio team on The Daily Bruin.

Location: Seattle

Languages: English, conversational German

Pronouns: she/her



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    Feds sue to block Kroger-Albertsons merger

    Kroger and Albertsons say they’ll fight the federal government's lawsuit to stop their proposed $24 billion merger. In filing the suit, the Federal Trade Commission says the deal would be bad for competition and consumers. The Grocery Workers Union agrees. Seattle Times Reporter Paul Roberts explains what this latest move could mean.

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    Boeing and that terrifying flight

    There are big questions for Boeing, Alaska Airlines and many others after a scary incident on a Portland Flight last Friday. Especially as more loose bolts have been found on 737 Max 9 planes owned by both Alaska Airlines and United Airlines Seattle Times aerospace reporter Dominic Gates is here to help us understand what happened and what might come next.

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    Best of 2023: We foraged mushrooms and they were delicious

    There’s something for everyone in the Pacific Northwest. But if you are passionate about foraging mushrooms, our region is one of the best. Back in spring, we spoke with author Daniel Winkler about how mushroom hunting helps connect us with nature and find a few things to eat.

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    Arts & Life

    Music to cure the winter blues

    Today is the winter solstice, the darkest day of the year. Between the short days and the holidays, this time of year can be a lot for many of us. Music can help. KEXP host Kennady Quille shares some of her favorite local music to play when the winter blues are in full force.

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    Surviving the Big Dark with laughter

    The Big Dark is upon us again as daylight grows scarcer in Seattle. Between seasonal affective disorder and the impending holidays, it can be a tough time of year for our mental health. Today, we’re looking at comedy as a coping mechanism during these dark, cold months. Seattle comedian Chris Mejia will tell us how he incorporates his depression into his work, and UW professor Tabitha Kirkland will explain why laughter helps our bodies and minds stay healthy.

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    Arts & Life

    It's fall mushroom season

    You may have noticed a lot of mushroom photos in your social media feed. Fall is a great time to get out there and forage. Now serious foragers aren’t likely to tell you exactly where they found that basket full of Chanterelles or matsutakes, but Daniel Winkler is willing to share a few tips. Here’s an archive episode of our walk in the woods for fall mushrooms.

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    Casual Friday with Paige Browning and Deaunte Damper

    This week, Seattle voters cast their ballots and early results look promising for the housing levy, but not for city council incumbents. Mysterious, white powder sent through the mail disrupted ballot counting while election workers evacuated. And Washington state is the land of potholes according to USA today. KUOW Anchor and Reporter Paige Browning and Vocal-WA Community Organizer Deaunte Damper break down the week.

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    First ballot count looks bad for Seattle lefties

    Non-presidential elections aren’t always the biggest draw for voters even with the future of the city council on the ballot. KUOW editor Cat Smith was watching the returns and will fill us in on what we know so far.