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    Casual Friday with Kemi Adeyemi and Jodi-Ann Burey

    This week, we say goodbye to the ‘Queen of the skies’ the Boeing 747, Seattle Public School students and educators push for more support for ethnic studies and attack of the fungi goes from silver screen to reality real quick with some stomach churning research. UW professor Kemi Adeyemi and author Jodi-Ann Burey are here to break down the week.

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    Downtown Seattle's identity crisis

    Some people think downtown Seattle is dying or already dead, while others see it as a place that just needs a fresh start. Seattle Now producers Vaughan Jones and Brooklyn Jamerson-Flowers went on a mission to see what’s going on in Seattle’s urban core. You'll hear from people who live, work and enjoy our city center.

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    Seattle can do more for pedestrians

    Here in Seattle walking and biking are an important part of city life. But pedestrian/vehicle collisions are on the rise in Washington state. We’ll talk with Urbanist senior editor Ryan Packer about the problem and what it might take to make things safer for walkers and cyclists.

  • caption: Thousands of students rallied on the steps of Seattle City Hall on Monday, November 14, 2022, after walking out of class in protest of gun violence in schools. Less than one week ago, a deadly shooting occurred at Seattle's Ingraham high school.

    How local youth are taking on school gun violence

    Gun violence in schools has only gotten more common in the past decade. Often, it’s young people themselves who are shouldering the burden of finding solutions to the crisis. Youth reporters Antonio Nevarez and Hayden Andersen explain what local youth advocates want to see, and how young people can get involved in solutions.

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    MISSING: Middle Housing (No Reward)

    After the last one failed, Washington state legislators are taking another whack at trying to solve the state's housing shortage with a new bill aimed at so-called middle housing. KUOW’s Joshua McNicols explains.

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    Casual Friday with Crystal Fincher & Besa Gordon

    This week, a spanking new addition to the Seattle convention center has a hefty price tag. The city teamed up with SDOT to give 10,000 residents in affordable housing free unlimited orca cards. And we take a look at the *inner* beauty the city’s multifamily housing has to offer. Converge media’s Besa Gordon, and political consultant Crystal Fincher join us to break down the week.

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    5 p.m. sunsets have arrived

    Some people celebrate the solstice, but tonight, we’re reaching a frequently overlooked milestone: the first 5 p.m. sunset of the year. Seattle Weather Blog’s Justin Shaw is here to lead us to the light.

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    A new chapter for Seattle Chinese Post

    Around the country newspapers have seen a dip in print subscriptions. And now Seattle’s longtime Chinese language paper the Seattle Chinese Post has gone online along with the affiliated NW Asian Weekly. Both papers have been an important news source for the local Asian community for more than 40 years. In a minute, publisher Assunta Ng tells us about the paper’s history and how she’ll continue to connect to print subscribers.

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    Post Roe, men are booking vasectomies

    The Dobbs ruling overturning federal abortion protections had ripple effects across the country. One we’re feeling here: More men getting vasectomies. KUOW public health reporter Eilis O’Neal explains how the shift is opening a new conversation about responsibility when it comes to contraceptives and unintended pregnancy.

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    Kshama Sawant wants a bigger bullhorn

    Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant is going national. The Council's most senior member and only socialist says she will launch a national movement to support workers instead of running for re-election.

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    Casual Friday with Jane C. Hu and Rachel Belle

    This week, big tech shrunk by way of layoffs. Lawmakers considered new bills, including legalizing psilocybin for mental health treatment, and lowering the amount of alcohol it takes to be considered impaired behind the wheel. We’re breaking down the week with freelance science journalist Jane C. Hu and Rachel Belle, the host of the “Your Last Meal” Podcast.

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    Does social media actually harm teens?

    The rates of suicide, anxiety and depression among young people have been on the rise since the 80s. Seattle Public Schools thinks social media is to blame… at least, in part. They and Kent school district are suing major tech companies over the role they may play in worsening mental health of youth who use their services. Today we're asking: What does science tell us about the connection between mental health ans cthe science behind social media and mental health… and we couldn’t have found a better person to ask than Lucia (loo-SEE-ah) Magis (MAY-jis) Wineberg (WINE-berg). She’s an Assistant Professor of psychology at the University of Washington AND she leads the International Adolescent Connection and Technology lab