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    Casual Friday with Jeannie Yandel and Alyssa Yeoman

    This week fall arrived, the smoke from wildfires persisted and Ray’s Boathouse said no way to the Tampa Bay Rays'attempt to buy its domain name. KUOW’s Jeannie Yandel and comedian Alyssa Yeoman break it down.

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    Spider Season Returns

    You may have noticed... It’s spider season. Their webs are everywhere right now, but don't run away. We’re revisiting our conversation with the Burke Museum’s arachnid guy Rod Crawford. He’ll tell us what spiders we’re seeing, and how much you should worry about them getting into our houses.

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    Starbucks invests in a frappufuture

    Last week, Starbucks unveiled a new strategy that pivots its focus from a cozy Italian cafe to one where icy, customizable drinks take center stage. To get there, the coffee giant plans to invest roughly 450 million in new equipment to make things more efficient for customers and Baristas. Like a new Clover machine the company says will produce freshly ground, freshly brewed, hot coffee in just 30 seconds. Business Insider reporter Mary Meisenzahl explains.

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    Free Narcan vending machines in Pierce County

    The rural town of Orting is getting its first Narcan vending machine. That’s a drug used to reverse an overdose and those machines are becoming increasingly more common--most first responders carry it. We’ll talk with the Recovery Cafe’s Rena Thompson about how these vending machines fit into a landscape of recovery, accessibility and support.

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    Casual Friday with Mike Davis and Chase Burns

    The long-anticipated West Seattle Bridge reopening is finally (almost here. Russell Wilson had a dramatic and disappointing return to Seattle… AND here in Washington we have our work cut out for us if we’re going to improve traffic safety We unpack it all with The Seattle Times’s Chase Burns and KUOW’s Mike Davis.

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    The West Seattle Bridge is (Finally) (Almost) Fixed

    On Sunday, the West Seattle Bridge will be open to the public for the first time since March of 2020. After two and a half years of construction and delays, the bridge is finally repaired, and our neighbors in West Seattle are ready and waiting. We’ll hear from West Seattle Blog editor Tracy Record about how things will change on the “Accidental Island.”

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    Three finalists for SPD chief

    Seattle is getting closer to finding a new police chief. And there are 3 finalists in the running. Crime, police reform, and public safety are top priorities. We’ll hear about the selection process from Seattle Times reporter Sarah Grace Taylor.

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    Seattle Now: Fighting fire west of the Cascades

    Seattleites often experience wildfire season through the suffocating smoke of blazes burning over in eastern Washington or British Columbia. But this weekend the Bolt Creek fire scorched nearly 8,000 acres here in western Washington. Former firefighter Amanda Montei says this is a shift, and we’ll have to expect more fires like this in the future.

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    The Hawks v. Russell Wilson

    The Seattle Seahawks play their first game of the season tonight. They’re getting the primetime Monday Night Football slot, because Former Hawks superstar Russell Wilson is suiting up for the other team. We’ll talk with sports columnist Jerry Brewer about what to look for tonight, and how the city can learn to live without Russ.

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    Casual Friday with Esmy Jimenez and Justin Shaw

    This week Seattle teachers went on strike. The Mariners invited fans to take their work to the ballgame. And Seattle Storm legend Sue Bird played her last WNBA game. We unpack it all with Esmy Jimenez of the Seattle Times and Seattle Weather Blog’s Justin Shaw.

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    Seattle teachers on the picket lines

    School was supposed to start yesterday. Instead of coming to classrooms full of students, Seattle public school teachers donned red shirts and took to the picket lines to strike. Teachers are striking for competitive pay, adequate classroom support, and a better teacher to student ratio for Special Education classrooms. In fact, Seattle's Special Education program has been a core issue at the bargaining table. We went to a few schools to talk with teachers and educators about why they are striking and the issues that are important to them.