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    Saving local forests, with help from big business

    Earlier this month, a blockchain company based in Delaware struck the biggest carbon offset deal in history with the city of Issaquah. This kind of deal is a new frontier in both saving local forests and tackling climate change. We talked to Seattle Times environment reporter Lynda Mapes about how this all works back when the state of Washington announced they’re getting into this game. Today we’re revisiting that episode.

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    That flight cost how much?

    Everyone is itching for a change of scenery after two years of a pandemic. But getting out of town right now is expensive and complicated. Airfares are through the roof! Helane Becker is an analyst with the banking firm Cowen. She's here to help explain what’s happening in the airline industry and how you can try to save a few bucks.

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    All Hike and No Crowds

    Over the course of the pandemic - a lot more of us have hit the trails, which honestly can make them pretty crowded The Washington Trails Association is trying to fix that by recommending less popular hikes. Anna Roth the hiking content manager for the Washington Trails Association will fill us in Related story: Take a trip up Rattlesnake Ledge

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    Casual Friday with Jas Keimig and Kemi Adeyemi

    A video of students at Seattle Pacific University went viral this week. About 50 graduating seniors walked across the graduation stage and handed the school's interim president a pride flag before taking their diploma, a protest of the school's ban on hiring LGBTQ employees. Also this week: We discovered just how many

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    Washington extremists at Idaho Pride event

    For months, anti hate groups and the LGBTQ+ community in Washington warned of escalating violence in our region. Especially as pride month events kicked off. Then on Saturday, 31 men were arrested for a conspiracy to riot at Pride in Park in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Some were our neighbors in King County. Daniel Walters, a reporter for the Inlander in Spokane covers extremism in Washington, he’ll fill us in on what he’s learned so far.

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    When should I take a Covid test?

    By now we all know the drill when it comes to at home rapid Covid tests. You swab, you swirl, drip a few drops and wait 15 min. At-home tests are very convenient, but knowing when to take a test and how to think about the result is important. UW Medicine’s Dr. Helen Chu is here and will tell us how rapid tests can be helpful in reducing Covid cases.

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    This SPD video was 17 hours too late and false

    Two years later, we’re still untangling the Seattle Police Department’s response to the 2020 racial justice protests. Carolyn Bick, a reporter for the South Seattle Emerald uncovered a mismatch of messaging. SPD published a video with information they knew to be false. The message in the video got picked up….nationally. Remember the so-called anarchist zone?

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    Take a trip up Rattlesnake Ledge

    The weather might have missed the memo, but summer has started. One upside of the rain is quieter (but muddier) hiking trails. We revisit our episode about the Rattlesnake Ledge trail renovation today. It's a big change for the state's most popular hike.

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    Casual Friday with Erica Barnett and Casey Martin

    This week we found out SPD shared misinformation during the 2020 protests, wedding season is back with force, and why isn't it cool to be a lifeguard any more? We break it down with Publicola's Erica Barnett and KUOW's Casey Martin.

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    Where did all the Uber riders go?

    People are moving around the city more than any other point since the pandemic started, but apparently those people aren't taking rideshares. Uber and Lyft's business in the Seattle region has cratered. That means a tough

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    Yes, inflation is eating up your food budget

    If you're stretching your dollar for groceries, you are not alone. Seattle food banks are trying to help with that. But right now, they are experiencing high demands and a shift in the people who need assistance. Recently it includes people who are not typically food insecure. Seattle Times reporter Daniel Beekman will tell us about what food insecurity and inflation is looking like in our area.