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    Casual Friday: Enough with the atmospheric rivers

    It’s another Friday and another week filled with Omicron. At least the free at-home Covid tests are on the way. Plus we’ve had a break from the rain, and our hockey team got an adorable new puppy. Aww. We’ll get into all of that with Seattle Weather Blog’s Justin Shaw and KUOW’s Paige Browning.

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    Inside the hospital covid crunch

    The good news: Omicron appears to be peaking and fewer people are becoming seriously ill. But the biggest infections spike of the entire pandemic is flooding hospitals, and the next few weeks could push things past the breaking point. We talk with NPR science reporter Will Stone about how Harborview Medical Center is holding up.

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    On the road to one million EVs

    There are 84,000 electric vehicles on the road in Washington today. By the end of this decade, the plan is to get to one million. And there’s a pile of federal money on the way to get you behind the wheel.

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    Tongans wait for a word from home

    Tonga is still mostly cut off after an undersea volcano erupted on Saturday and put the West Coast on tsunami lookout. Here in Seattle, family and friends are standing by and ready to help.

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    When MLK came to town

    Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. only came to Seattle once, in 1961. He was invited by his longtime friend, Reverend Samuel B. McKinney of Mt. Zion Baptist Church. KUOW's Isolde Raftery tells Kim Malcolm about the message he brought with him that would become his most famous speech.

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    Seattle Now: Definitely no crimes in this episode

    The second week of 2022 was a lot like the first week of 2022: wet, gray and filled with Omicron. We talk school closures and judging risk in this new not-lockdown times. Plus, escape to a different kind of

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    This squirrel puppet won't judge

    Plenty of people are struggling with their mental health through this long pandemic. Some are finding community online. We’ll meet a TikTok creator who’s roaming Orcas Island with a squirrel puppet who preaches non-judgement.

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    How do we make the city safer for pedestrians?

    More Seattle walkers and bikers are dying on the city's roads than five years ago, despite an initiative to eliminate traffic fatalities by the end of this decade. KUOW's Gracie Todd dug into why it's happening and what could be done to reverse the trend.

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    Charge your laptops, remote school might be back

    It's "refresh your email and wait for an update to find out if your kid has school tomorrow" time, as Omicron has begun to force closures due to short staffing and safety concerns. KUOW's Ann Dornfeld explains how Seattle is handling the pressure to keep schools open.

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    Casual Friday: The Homer Simpson Transformation

    It's a new year, but Covid didn't get the memo that it's no longer invited to the party. Between scrambling to find rapid test kits and returning to our home offices, it's been a hell of a week. Plus, we look ahead to the good food Seattle can expect to see in 2022.

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    It'll melt

    The first big snow of winter is mostly behind us, but if you’ve been trying to get around recently you’ve likely got a story to tell about it.