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    Casual Friday: 'Anarchist tech trillionaires'

    Seattle was the fastest growing city in the country last year — but who's moving here? Maybe they're new hires at Amazon, which announced this week it's buying a Hollywood film studio. Plus, we reflect on a year since the murder of George Floyd began a reckoning with systematic racism on the streets of Seattle.

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    A first test for WA's new use of force standard

    A year before George Floyd was murdered, an Auburn man named Jesse Sarey was killed when a public disturbance call escalated into a fatal police shooting. This fall, the officer who fired the shots will face trial. Seattle Times reporter Sara Jean Green explains the case. Have something to add to this story? Get in touch! Leave us a message at 206-616-6746 or write

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    The tourist tide is coming back in

    Half of all American adults are now fully vaccinated, and people are itching to travel just in time for Seattle's busy tourist season. We take a field trip to Pike Place Market to see how one of the city's most popular attractions is holding up.

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    Pandemic puppy problems

    Dogs became everybody's new best friend during the pandemic, and adoptions soared. But now that we're starting to go out again, some new dog parents are realizing their pup needs help adjusting to the new normal. We turn to Seattle-based dog trainer Joey Iversen for some help. Support the show by making a gift to KUOW:

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    Patios everywhere

    While we’re all hoping covid disappears for good, some of the changes we’ve made during the pandemic might stick around. One of them: outdoor patios at your favorite restaurants. We head to Ballard's El Moose to talk dining al fresco with Seattle Times food and drink writer Tan Vinh.

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    Casual Friday: Mask trust issues

    We have more license to walk around without a mask on. At least, those of us who are vaccinated do. But can we trust that folks who are maskless have gotten the jab? Plus, reentry is sending our pandemic cosmetic routines into a tailspin.

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    Mask on? Mask off?

    Even with the CDC's blessing to go maskless if you're vaccinated, it seems most people around Seattle are sticking with it for now. Why is that? We talk dropping the mask mandate with Dr. Janet Baseman of the UW School of Public Health.

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    The tricky dance of rebooting the ballet

    Seattle Opera and Pacific Northwest Ballet recently announced they’re getting ready to stage performances at McCaw Hall, but the restart is going to complicated. KUOW arts reporter emeritus Marcie Sillman (now co-host of a new podcast called "Doublexposure," debuting in June) is here to explain.

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    Reentry after a superspreader event

    Last March, the Skagit Valley Chorale experienced one of the most infamous superspreader events in the U.S. Now, the choir is working towards singing together again, but disagreements over vaccines is throwing a wrench in the plan.

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    Casual Friday: Look ma, no mask!

    Goodbye, mask mandate... if you're fully vaccinated, at least. The CDC says 12-15 year-olds can get shots, and vaccinated people don't have to wear masks any more. Plus we get the dirt on Mayor Durkan's missing text messages.

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    Colleges add a vaccine prereq

    UW and WSU want students to get vaccinated before coming back to campus this fall. Katie Mangan at the Chronicle for Higher Education explains what it could mean.