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Patricia Murphy



Patricia Murphy is the host of Seattle Now, a daily news podcast.

Her interviews focus on experts and newsmakers. Previously you could find Patricia on the beat reporting on military and veteran affairs, justice, and health.

In 2018 Patricia received a regional Edward R. Murrow award for a series about the motivations of young people who carry guns. In 2005 she received a national Edward R. Murrow award for her reporting on injection drug use.

Though her first job in news was throwing hard copies of the Sunday paper from her bike, Patricia also graduated from Emerson College with a BS in Communications.

Location: Seattle

Languages: English

Pronouns: she/her

Professional Affiliations: Dart Center, Ochberg Society for Trauma Journalism



  • Monday Evening Headlines

    Protest encampment comes down on UW campus, Samish Indian Nation opens new affordable housing project, and Bruce Nordstrom dies at age 90. It’s our daily roundup of top stories from the KUOW newsroom, with host Patricia Murphy.

  • Seattle Now Logo - NPR Network

    Auburn officer's trial tests deadly force law

    The murder trial against Auburn police officer Jeff Nelson is underway in Kent today. Arguments are centering around the officer’s training and the testimony of some key witnesses. It’s an important test of a voter initiative that made it easier to prosecute police officers who use deadly force. KUOW’s crime and law enforcement reporter Amy Radil will bring us up to speed on the case.

  • Casual Friday with Jas Keimig and Rachel Belle

    This week… Seattle Public Schools is grappling with a budget shortfall that will potentially close 20 schools. KUOW found out who was spearheading the effort to put a children’s playground next to the historically queer nude beach at Denny Blaine Park. And pass the butter - a Seattle event called “Gays Eating Garlic Bread” went viral and drew over 100 people looking to make some friends. Freelance Arts Reporter Jas Keimig and Your Last Meal Podcast Host Rachel Belle are here to break down the week.

  • Seattle loses its sparkle for first time home buyers

    It is no surprise that it’s hard to buy a house in Seattle, but it's gotten even harder for many as interest rates and housing prices have soared. That means would-be home buyers are increasingly leaving the city, the metro area, and sometimes even the state. Seattle Times journalist Paul Roberts is here to tell us about his reporting on this trend and the calculus homebuyers are making.

  • How Seattle Public Schools' budget woes got so bad

    Seattle Public Schools is looking to close more than 20 elementary schools, in order to help solve its massive budget problems. The district is facing a $105 million shortfall this year, and enrollment is declining. We talk with Marguerite Roza, director of the Edunomics Lab at Georgetown University about why the district's budget is in such bad shape, and the implications for closing schools.

  • Seattle Storm prepares for the biggest WNBA season ever

    The Seattle Storm kicks off their 25th season tonight at Climate Pledge Arena. The team is looking to improve after a disappointing season last year, as the entire WNBA preps for a huge new wave of viewership and attendance in what could be its biggest season ever. Seattle Now Sports Correspondent Vaughan Jones is here to tell us more about the new and improved Storm lineup, and what to look forward to this WNBA season.

  • Monday Evening Headlines

    Melinda French Gates exits the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, most Seattle area households now have AC, and a new UW study looks into magic mushrooms. It’s our daily roundup of top stories from the KUOW newsroom, with host Patricia Murphy.

  • Friday Evening Headlines

    Burien homelessness debate reaches new fever pitch, WA farmworkers sue feds over pay disparities, and some UW staff join campus protests. It’s our daily roundup of top stories from the KUOW newsroom, with host Patricia Murphy.

  • Casual Friday LIVE with Monica Nickelsburg and Jodi-Ann Burey

    This week… Seattle is home to some of the most profitable companies on earth. But, even companies like Amazon and Starbucks are experiencing a shift in the world of labor. More workers are joining unions, and remote and hybrid work is becoming the norm for white-collar office jobs. What is the future of work in Seattle? We’re giving you a taste of our Seattle Now live event, all about the future of work, in case you weren’t there to witness it in person. Author and speaker Jodi-Ann Burey and KUOW Labor and Economy Reporter Monica Nickelsburg are here to break it all down.