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Jason Burrows



  • caption: Our 9 year old guide to the ballpark, Edmund Bollay, shows off his new hat...

    Recruiting young Seattleites to join a long-suffering club: Mariners fans

    If you’re a baseball fan in Seattle, then you already know the heartbreak of watching the Mariners fall short season after season... The last time they made it to the playoffs was more than two decades ago! So, REAL TALK: For someone who wasn't even ALIVE the last time the Mariners were a championship team... why go to the ballpark at all? Soundside producer Jason Burrows went to find out.

  • caption: Hospital assistant Tracy Chambers, right, talks with another staff member in a hallway in the acute care unit, where about half the patients are COVID-19 positive or in quarantine after exposure, of Harborview Medical Center, Friday, Jan. 14, 2022, in Seattle.

    The US grows ever closer to the somber milestone of one million covid deaths

    According to several news outlets' accounting, the United States has already passed this grim marker. The CDC's numbers have the nation just shy of that. Either way, the pandemic's toll is hard to fathom. KUOW reporters Kate Walters and Ruby de Luna have been spending time learning about who we've lost to Covid here in Washington State.

  • caption: A crowd is gathered during a pro-choice rally and press conference on Tuesday, May 3, 2022, at Kerry Park in Seattle.

    If Roe v Wade falls, what does that mean for Washington?

    A draft opinion published late Monday by Politico indicates the Supreme Court is likely to strike down Roe v Wade in the near future. That's the landmark 1973 ruling that guarantees federal protection of abortion rights across the United States. Now, draft opinions are just that -- nothing is set in stone yet. But should it happen, this ruling would mean abortion would be banned or restricted in as many as twenty eight states. Today we're dedicating the hour to talking about the implications of the fall of Roe in the Pacific Northwest. And how local supporters of abortion rights are responding.