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Get to know the PNW and each other. Soundside airs Monday through Thursday at 12 p.m. and 8 p.m. on KUOW starting January 10. Listen to Soundside on Spotify, iTunes, or wherever you get your podcasts.

Additional Credits: Logo art is designed by Teo Popescu. Audio promotions are produced by Hans Twite. Community engagement led by Zaki Hamid. Our Director of New Content and Innovation is Brendan Sweeney.

Mission Statement:

Soundside believes establishing trust with our listeners involves taking the time to listen.

We know that building trust with a community takes work. It involves broadening conversations, making sure our show amplifies systemically excluded voices, and challenging narratives that normalize systemic racism.

We want Soundside to be a place where you can be part of the dialogue, learn something new about your own backyard, and meet your neighbors from the Peninsula to the Palouse.

Together, we’ll tell stories that connect us to our community — locally, nationally and globally. We’ll get to know the Pacific Northwest and each other.


  • caption: People roller skate during a Roll Around Seatown skate meet up on Monday, September 28, 2020, at the Judkins Park sports courts in Seattle.

    Washington skate: history on 8 wheels

    Washington state has a long history with roller skating. In fact, before we were even actually a state, we were building rinks. And it goes beyond just a need to go fast and run into people.

  • caption: Starbucks employees picket Wednesday, March 22, 2023, outside the company's Seattle headquarters.

    As CEO steps down, Starbucks employees strike

    On Monday, as Howard Schultz stepped down as interim CEO of Starbucks, he sent a memo to leadership at Starbucks. It reads, in part: “As I step away, I leave you all as the stewards, in service of all of our partners. They are the heart and soul of our company — the living embodiment of human connection.” Today, “partners” — aka store baristas — at 100 Starbucks cafes are on strike.

  • caption: General Manager Steve Hickman stands at the top of Badger Mountain Ski Area with Waterville, Washington, visible in the distance.

    Volunteers keep skiing affordable at Badger Mountain

    If you enjoy skiing, you probably know it takes more than just some skis, boots and poles to slide down a hill. It also takes money. Tickets at Washington’s big ski resorts run from $65 to $150 a day. That’s not the case at Badger Mountain Ski Area in Central Washington. There, the price is a mere $10 a day. That’s because the hill is a nonprofit, entirely run by volunteers.

  • caption: Lumen field is where the Seahawks, Sounders FC, and OL Reign call home. It was also, until this week, the name of a major internet data provider in Russia.

    The XFL promises alternative football. Can it survive?

    The XFL is on its third attempt at an alternative football league. The first iteration was in 2000, and lasted for a single season. The second attempt, in 2020, was sidelined after five games due to COVID. But there's a long history of alternative football in the spring. Will fans support the team enough to keep them afloat? And can the team attract enough fans with its unique style of play?