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Matt Martin

Podcast Producer


Matt Martin is a podcast producer who has worked on many different show for KUOW. He helped get KUOW's listener based podcast SoundQs off the ground before then heading on to pitch and create THE WILD with Chris Morgan, a sound rich and experiential podcast about ecology and conservation. Before moving to the on demand side of the station, Matt worked for 2 years as a producer on The Record, KUOW's local news show. Matt has also worked as a general assignment reporter and host for public radio stations in upstate New York and bush Alaska. He was also an intern with StoryCorps and Aljazeera America.

Location: Seattle

Languages: English

Pronouns: he/him


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    Do grizzlies have a home in the North Cascades?

    Grizzly bears are considered functionally extinct in Washington state because no one has seen a grizzly here for decades. But a new federal plan could bring large brown bears back to the North Cascades wilderness. Ecologist Chris Morgan is with us to explain why he thinks it’s a good idea, and why some people don’t care for the plan.

  • caption: Water flows through moss and rocks on Friday, April 5, 2019, in the Hoh Rainforest on the Olympic Peninsula.

    Broadcast: In search of silence

    On this one-hour special of THE WILD with Chris Morgan we’ll explore natural silence, and how being quiet out in the natural world and having places to do that can be pretty transformative.

  • caption: Beaver

    Broadcast: Leave it to beavers

    On this one-hour special of THE WILD with Chris Morgan, Chris explores the mighty beaver and its role in reshaping our landscapes and entire ecosystems. Then we plunge into the waters along the pacific coast to follow a sea lion’s journey from California all the way up the Columbia River in search of salmon, in what has become a controversial story of survival between two protected species.

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    Local playwrights on Israel, Palestine, and art

    Two people meet in an auto body repair shop in a town in Israel. One of them is Palestinian, the other is Israeli. That’s the premise of a play called The Return. The play opens tonight and runs until November 19 at Dunya Productions Theatre at Cherry Street Village. This play will run during a particularly painful time for those with ties to Israel and Palestine. Hanna Eady and Ed Mast are the writing duo behind The Return.

  • caption: Host Chris Morgan being picked up by float plane in an incredibly isolated area of the Brooks Range in northern Alaska.

    Broadcast: How to stay safe in the wild

    On this one-hour special of THE WILD with Chris Morgan, Chris shares tips on how to stay safe in the wild and explores the psychology of animals with author Richard Louv.

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    Uncertain future after more Rite Aid and Bartell closures

    Bartell Drug customers may be in for more heartache. The local pharmacy and institution is closing more locations after parent company Rite Aid filed for bankruptcy. There’s a lot of uncertainty in the pharmacy business, but one thing’s clear: change is coming.

  • caption: Chris Morgan as a nervous 24-year-old with the first grizzly bear he ever captured while working on a research study in Canadian Rockies in 1994. Morgan named the bear Dawson.

    Broadcast: How to catch a grizzly

    This is a special one-hour special of THE WILD with Chris Morgan featuring favorite episodes like the first time Chris caught a grizzly bear.

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    Seattle wants the legal right to sweep

    The practice of sweeping encampments of unhoused people is controversial. A federal circuit ruling made it illegal in certain circumstances and went as far as to describe the practice as cruel and unusual. But now, progressive cities on the west coast are hoping the conservative Supreme Court will intervene. Seattle Times reporter Greg Kim is here to tell us why officials in Seattle and other cities want the ruling overturned, and what they’d plan to do without restrictions.