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Let the Kids Dance!

A podcast about the rise and fall of Seattle's Teen Dance Ordinance.

Seattle in the 90s: A tidal wave of unforgettable music roars out of the city. Nirvana, Soundgarden and Pearl Jam take over global pop culture and Seattle is declared the world's coolest place to be. But here, reality is different for young people.

For almost two decades, the Teen Dance Ordinance has made it illegal for anyone under 18 to attend concerts without a parent or guardian. Police raid punk shows and hip-hop clubs. Politicians ban show posters on electric poles. All-ages music is criminalized. And young people begin to fight back.

Let the Kids Dance! is a seven-part docuseries chronicling an untold chapter of pop-culture history. It’s a story about moral panic, grassroots activism and an unstoppable music community that fought for its freedom.

Let the Kids Dance! is created and hosted by Jonathan Zwickel. It is produced by KUOW in Seattle, a member of the NPR Network.

Our production team includes Marshall Eisen, Michaela Gianotti-Boyle, Marian Mohammed, Brendan Sweeney and Lauren Vespoli. Final mixing by Hans Twite. Original music is by Ryan Devlin and Kim West of Smokey Brights and mega cat. Theme song is by the Four Slicks, covering Bo Diddley. C.M Ruiz designed our logo art.

Listen to our companion playlist, featuring music from the Teen Dance Ordinance era, on Spotify.