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Whitney Henry-Lester

Podcast Producer


Whitney is a podcast producer at KUOW. She helped develop some of KUOW's first podcasts, including How's Your Day? and Second Wave.

Whitney has a degree in film, but she has spent most of her career producing and editing audio stories. She has also worked with StoryCorps, The Third Coast International Audio Festival, 99% Invisible, and

She once ran an audio artists residency from her apartment in Lima, Peru.

Location: Tacoma

Languages: English, Spanish

Pronouns: she/they


  • Seattle Now Logo - NPR Network

    Taylor's coming, are you Ready For It?

    Whether or not you’re a Swiftie… Taylor Swift’s presence will have a big footprint on our region For some local fans, her three-and-a-half-hour performance is their wildest dream and the most important event of the year. We'll talk to two local fans about how they’re getting ready and why they feel such a deep connection to her music.

  • caption: Asian Bike Club is now Ampersand Bikes Club

    A bike builds a bridge

    Anti-Asian hate crimes spiked during the Covid-19 pandemic. And then the Atlanta spa shooting scarred a community already suffering.

  • caption: Shawn Wong

    A book becomes a movement

    Shawn Wong discovered the first Japanese American novel, No-No Boy, at a used bookstore for 50 cents, after being told by his English professors that Asian American literature didn’t exist.

  • JizuBodhisattva.png

    A Jizo Bodhisattva cradles grief

    During the mizu kuyo ritual for pregnancy loss, a small Jizo Bodhisattva statue enshrines ceremonial remains of a lost child. Following Shin Yu’s miscarriage in 2012, she had a mizu kuyo ceremony to process her grief.

  • caption: Donna reads Ana's letter to the future.

    A time capsule returns

    On the eve of selling her family’s house, Donna Miscolta’s daughter had a special request: Go to the stairwell and pull back the loose board on the bottom step.

  • caption: Eason Yang

    A resume loses its shine

    Eason Yang was on an ambitious career trajectory, helping tech companies like Uber change the world. Until he got cancer.

  • caption: Ten Thousand Things: Artifacts of Asian American Life

    The Blue Suit is back... now as Ten Thousand Things

    In many Chinese sayings, “ten thousand” is used in a poetic sense to convey something infinite, vast, and unfathomable. For Shin Yu Pai – award-winning poet and museologist – the story of Asians in America is just that. Introducing Ten Thousand Things, a special podcast series about modern-day artifacts of Asian American life, created and hosted by Shin Yu Pai and produced by KUOW.