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KUOW Launches ‘Seattle Now’, a New Daily News Podcast Breaking Down the Top Stories in Our Region

SEATTLE, WA — Trying to keep up with local news can feel like a chore – especially if you’re short for time or overwhelmed by the national news cycle. That’s why KUOW Public Radio is launching a new local daily news podcast, Seattle Now. Every weekday morning, host Patricia Murphy cuts through the noise to bring you a quick look at the stories shaping our city. Starting March 2, new episodes will be available Monday through Friday at 6 a.m. in all major podcasting apps and on

“Seattleites are busy and increasingly getting their news on smart phones or smart speakers whenever they want it. We realized there is currently no great local news source to serve this audience. By explaining a local story that matters and arming listeners in our region with what they need to know each day, we hope to better serve people who want thoughtful local news as part of their daily listening habit,” says Jill Jackson, KUOW News Director.

In the first episode, available now wherever you get your podcasts, host Patricia Murphy discusses the latest in Western Washington’s COVID-19 coronavirus cases with Dr. Clyde Crumpacker, an infectious disease specialist and professor at Harvard Medical School.

“Here’s what I like about the show. We talk about the news in a way that helps you understand this place where we live ... and we do it with people who have great stories to tell,” says Murphy, who has been a reporter in Seattle for 20 years.

Seattle Now is the latest effort in KUOW’s goal to create more ways for people in our region to engage with the kind of quality journalism they expect from KUOW and NPR. KUOW also recently created a podcast feed, KUOW Newsroom, so that listeners can browse and listen to broadcast stories they might have missed or that interest them.

To learn more about Seattle Now and other KUOW podcasts, visit

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Michaela Gianotti, Senior Manager Marketing Communications