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KUOW releases 2019 annual report

Donor support fuels award-winning local journalism and continued digital expansion. See 2019 annual report.

January 31, 2020

Seattle, WA – During 2019, KUOW continued to deliver in-depth local stories and reports on topics such as our booming region and those left behind, local arts and culture from award-winning journalist Marcie Sillman and the impact of climate change on our local forests and waterways. Our newsroom produced ground-breaking series on anxiety (“Wired for Worry”) and Seattle at night (“Night Shift”)—all in service of our mission: to create and serve a more informed public.

We continued to expand beyond radio to meet the public online and in-person at KUOW Live events like our Down the Sound Week In Review LIVE tour and through expanded digital platforms like KUOW newsletters.

We expanded our portfolio of podcasts with new hits like The Wild and invested in new ways to reach out audience through partnerships like the one we launched with Google Home.

All of this was made possible through to the generous support of our community whose donations increased our revenues 9% to $18.7 million, thank you.

We invite you to explore our 2019 Annual Report to learn more about our work and its impact.