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caption: Photos of Seattle-area mothers who have experienced postpartum anxiety.

Wired for Worry

The teenager who refuses to attend school. The new mom, frantic, because she thinks she might hurt her child. The parents, trying to figure out what's wrong.

We are all wired for anxiety, some more than others.

But sometimes, the thrum of anxiety can overtake your life in unexpected and troubling ways.

Our series, Wired for Worry, will tell stories about parents and children who wrestle with anxiety and how they look for ways through it.

MONDAY 7.22 // When anxiety strikes in childhood, experts say get help early. By Deborah Wang

TUESDAY 7.23 // What happens when kids refuse to go to school? By Ann Dornfeld

THURSDAY 7.25 // The shame we carry: postpartum anxiety on the rise. By Isolde Raftery

FRIDAY 7.26 // Turning the focus on parents, and what they can do. By Deborah Wang.