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The Record

Host Bill Radke leads in-depth conversations about what matters today in Seattle and beyond.

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  • Composer Paurl Walsh outside his summer office as the Fremont Bridge Artist in Residence.

    The sounds and silences of the Fremont Bridge

    From the outside, the Fremont bridge is loud, both metaphorically and physically. The noise, the alarms, the neon-festooned bridge towers. But that’s from the outside.

  • As viewers, what's our responsibility to the subjects in images of violence?

    May 16th | When the media shows us dead bodies: what do we see?

    How the corpses we show create a hierarchy of grief. A chat about the recent SPD exit interviews. Would you eat fake chicken nuggets? (What if you didn’t know they were fake?) And the glamorous origins of Seattle’s Norwegian festival.

  • A walking trail in English Camp, San Juan Island National Historical Park on San Juan Island.

    This Bainbridge Island podcast wants to take you on a walk

    Bainbridge Island author and journalist Jon Mooallem didn’t shell out for a bunch of gear. He just pulled out the small voice recorder he uses to interview people, put it in an old wool sock and then, well, walked around.

  • The forests of Washington state.

    May 15th | Amid the noise, a podcast whose host is mostly silent

    Why you might want to take a vicarious walk around Bainbridge. A new neighborhood could spring up across the Magnolia Bridge. San Francisco just says no to facial recognition software. Arethere really fine people on both sides of every argument? And a BBC play brings a Seattle landmark back to life.

  • Tree with deep roots

    May 14th | We need to think about health differently

    Dr. Sandro Galea talks about his new book "WELL: What We Need to Talk about When We Talk about Health". The EPA wants to allow more chemicals in our state's waterways. Unprecedented numbers of grey whales are dying along the West Coast. And, does knowing about neighborhood crime make us more prepared or just paranoid?

  • Ted Bundy in court in 1979.

    May 9th | Should we valorize true crime?

    What’s behind our fascination with charismatic murderers? Scooters are nipping at the heels of e-bikes in Seattle. The governor gives permanent DST a go. How worried should we really be about cougar attacks? And a look at seasonal workforce migration in eastern Washington.