The sun sets on downtown Seattle on Friday, October 27, 2017, shown from Harbor Ave. Southwest.
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  • Gentrifiers, says Reagan Jackson, have a very predictable color palette.

    December 6th | On the front line of gentrification in Seattle’s South End

    Rainier Beach is gentrifying faster than you can paint a house grey and move in with your dog. What are the solutions? Speaking of which, could solutions journalism help restore America’s trust in the media? And a performance artist’s work stays sharp from the 90s to today.

  • Gaming addiction is real. Here's how to spot it

    Possibly the most addictive game on the planet right now is "Fortnite." More than 200 million people play it – and some of them can’t stop. Hilarie Cash is the chief clinical officer of the reSTART clinic, which treats people for the disorder. We interviewed her about how a love of gaming can lead to something worse. Here are some highlights.

  • December 4th | Mariners, deconstructed

    NHL Hockey will come to Seattle in 2021. The Mariners will make the playoffs in approximately 2041. What’s good in baseball? Also, the viaduct will be falling before the new waterfront tunnel opens – so you’ll be getting to work at the same time the Mariners are making the playoffs. And one of the authors on Bill Gates’ five favorite booklist spoke to Bill about her path to becoming Educated.

  • Cracked earth post-quake

    December 3rd | Where you gonna run to – when Seattle runs out of water?

    All on that day. A newly released report says that after a big earthquake, the city could be dehydrated for up to two months. At this point, we’ve all sent work-related emails from a private account: why is it still such a big political story? The Seahawks are looking like playoff contenders – even without Richard Sherman. Also, what happens when video games become addictive?

  • Real vs fake Christmas trees: who wore it best?

    November 29th | O Tannenbaum: is there a war on Christmas trees?

    Christmas tree season is upon us: where are you on the real v. fake divide? Also, how do you feel about your medical devices spying on you? Frank Chopp is stepping down as House Speaker, and one man shares the practices that helped him survive death row.

  • It's the first birthday party of a Seattle led by Jenny Durkan.

    November 28th | Seattle’s first anniversary with Mayor Durkan

    Mayor Jenny Durkan has been on the job for a year. What’s changed? And speaking of changing times, Microsoft is aging in reverse – into America’s most valuable company again. Gene editing is on the rise: has it just crossed an ethical line?

  • An artist illustration of the InSight lander on Mars.

    November 27th | The search for life on Mars, by way of Redmond

    What role did Puget Sound play in getting a robot to Mars? And what’s behind the actions – and coverage – of an American missionary killed in the Bay of Bengal? House prices in Seattle are falling fast, and Ralph Munro remembers when our view of marine mammals began to shift.