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Ask a Muslim, go further than the political discourse

What if you lived in a place where people often looked at you with suspicion? How would you get past that — the stares, the mistrust, or worse? Given the chance, what would you want people to know about you?

KUOW has been hosting a series of “Ask a ___” events. The goal is to create a safe and respectful environment for people to explore each other's cultures.

The concept is like speed dating for a group who are in the news and those who want to know more about the group.

We set up one-on-one conversations for six minutes. After that, a bell rings, chairs are swapped and another conversation begins. At the end we host a group discussion and a meal.

At the most recent event we asked some of the Muslim participants to share one thing they wish people knew about their faith.

This “Ask a Muslim” event took place at the New Holly Gathering Hall on April 2.

You can listen in to some of the conversations below.

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