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caption: Stephan Blanford,  former Seattle School Board member
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Stephan Blanford, former Seattle School Board member
Credit: KUOW photo/Megan Farmer

Can Seattle schools do right by their 4,000 homeless students?

Stephan Blanford was the only black person on the Seattle School Board. He decided not to run again this year.

At the end of 2017, KUOW's Race and Equity Team asked him what pressing problem he saw in the city's schools. His answer: 4,000 homeless students.

"It was greatly troubling inside Seattle Public Schools to learn that we have as many homeless students as we do," he said. "My hope is that we figure out a way to wrap our arms around those students and make sure that they and their families find suitable housing."

Asked about progress that he's seen this year, Blanford said he's glad that the board recently invested in more training for teachers to work effectively with students from different racial and ethnic backgrounds.

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