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Climate change might lead to much more frequent pandemics

caption: <p>Washington. Gov. Jay Inslee is targeting carbon emissions that contribute to global climate change.</p>
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Washington. Gov. Jay Inslee is targeting carbon emissions that contribute to global climate change.

Just in case you needed even more cheerful news. What would changes to policing look like in the budget, and in fire department response? A chat about isolation’s effect on the brain, and a look back at a dark weekend on Capitol Hill.

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Climate change may bring more frequent pandemics

COVID-19 made its debut into a rapidly warming world, and that may not be an accident, says UW researcher Kristie Ebi. She spoke with Ross Reynolds about how pandemics may become more frequent as climate change accelerates.

Kate Walters on Best/Durkan budget meeting

Calls have gone out to defund the police by 50%. Today, the mayor and police chief offered a 19% cut. The proposed shuffle would come from things like 911 dispatch and parking enforcement being moved out of the police department and halting some hiring, resulting in no extra funding for the programs that many members of heavily policed communities are calling for. KUOW’s Kate Walters had the story.

Lilly Fowler, firefighters

If police are defunded, what new pressures are put on the fire department? Marcie Sillman spoke to Crosscut’s Lilly Fowler, who’s also been following the story.

This is your brain on quarantine

What happens to our minds and spirits when we’re isolated, idle, or both? In her capacity as KUOW’s arts reporter, Marcie Sillman spoke with actress Suzy Hunt to hear how her life has changed since theaters closed their doors.

Jagger Gravning, Wallflower

14 years ago when mass shootings were nowhere near as common as they are now, a gunman opened fire at the afterparty of a rave, killing six and wounding two before turning the gun on himself. Jagger Gravning’s film Wallflower examines the events of the Capitol Hill Massacre through an artistic lens.

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