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Commuter conundrum: how to bike in a lane-light town?

caption: A biker rides in a protected lane on Broadway.
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A biker rides in a protected lane on Broadway.

Scaling back on bike projects may mean new headaches for gridlocked city dwellers. A ballerina brings her pointe shoes to the musical stage. The Mariners are winning – enjoy it while it lasts! KUOW podcasts explore cougars in the wild and a mysterious smell that’s been perfuming south Seattle (and not for the better).

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Bike lane removal

Last week, the Seattle Department of Transportation unveiled a draft proposal that would significantly scale back proposed bike projects around the city, removing more than 25 miles of bike lanes. But city officials say the only way to get around crippling traffic jams is to take mass transit or… ride a bike. What’s a commuter to do? We asked Sam Zimbabwe, head of SDOT, as well as Patrick Taylor of the Seattle Bike Advisory Board.

Tiler Peck, "Marie: Dancing Still"

New York City Ballet principal dancer Tiler Peck wears many hats (or shoes, as the case may be). In addition to being a soloist en pointe, she’s also walking in the footsteps of a lead in a musical at 5th Avenue Theatre – often seen as a launching pad to Broadway. The show is called “Marie: Dancing Still,” and is based on the young dancer behind Edgar Degas’ famous statue of a ballerina.

Winning Mariners?

The Seattle Mariners are off to the best start in franchise history. Better still: they currently have the best record in major league baseball. Just in case visions of the playoffs are already nipping at the corners of your minds, radio host Luke Burbank is here to throw a bit of cold water on your dreams.

Wild podcast preview

What’s being done to protect the next generation of wild cougars? A new KUOW podcast, The Wild, decides to find out. It’s hosted by ecologist Chris Morgan.

South Seattle stinks

The Tacoma Aroma has returned in recent days. But another stench has been afflicting south Seattle for months. One listener asked us to investigate. David Hyde with KUOW’s Sound Qs team has the story.

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