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caption: Jonathan Belle at Ignite Seattle 36 
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Jonathan Belle at Ignite Seattle 36
Credit: Randy Stewart

From pooing in public to the Seattle Superman: Ignite Seattle aims to surprise

Ignite Seattle is an unusual event. The organizers like to surprise the audience when they can — like that time a couple got married on stage. Thrills like that aside, there’s something thoughtful and genuine in every talk. More often than not, we learn something new. 

It takes courage to get up on stage all by your lonesome in the packed Egyptian Theatre. But the way this event is planned and executed brings out the best in everyone. If someone stumbles, the kindly crowd is there for support.

Ignite started in Seattle in 2006 and is run by volunteers. You have five minutes, 20 slides and a microphone with which to share an insight or idea. Ignite Seattle 36 featured the following talks:

This event took place on May 17 at SIFF Cinema Egyptian. Sonya Harris recorded the talks. The emcee was Scott Berkun. Ignite Seattle 37 is coming up in October on a date TBD.

Please note: This recording contains unedited language of an adult nature.