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Hilary Franz, Commissioner of Public Lands, on wildfires and forestry

caption: Wildfire smoke drifts through Snoqualmie Pass in 2017.
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Wildfire smoke drifts through Snoqualmie Pass in 2017.

The Department of Natural Resources manages almost 6 million acres of the state’s forest, farm, tidelands, recreational and commercial lands.

Soundside asks your questions about wildfire management and forestry, including the state's new carbon credit market and logging practices.

What led to a milder-than-usual wildfire season last year? What was the rationale for allowing the Bolt Creek Fire to burn out? What preparations are the state putting in place for wildfire smoke safety? And how will the state protect forests amid a growing carbon credit market and demand for renewable resources?

You can hear Commissioner Hilary Franz's answers to all these questions in the full broadcast segment. Just click "play" on the audio above.

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