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'It makes me wonder if I'm doing something wrong.' How tweens are navigating social media's beauty standards

Tweens growing up with social media are inundated with rapidly changing beauty standards and the social pressure to conform to them.

In this episode of the RadioActive podcast, Jehan Hashi, Josue Villalobos and Vivi Cardenas-Habell look into how tweens navigate this digital space and why it matters.

[RadioActive Youth Media is KUOW's radio journalism and audio storytelling program for young people. This story was entirely youth-produced, from the writing to the audio editing.]

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Beauty Standards Podcast Transcript

Podcast transcript in PDF format.

This podcast was produced in a RadioActive Youth Media introductory workshop for high school-age youth. Production assistance by Alayna Ly. Edited by Kelsey Kupferer.

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