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It's officially Taylor Swift week in King County

In a proclamation filled with Swiftie puns, the King County Council has officially declared July 18-25 as "Taylor Swift Week," in honor of the pop star's weekend stop in Seattle.

"Since we announced this proclamation, we've heard some really moving stories about how Taylor and her music have inspired young fans, helped them through difficult times, and provided courage when it was needed," Councilmember Claudia Balducci said at a Tuesday council meeting, surrounded by a crowd of Swifties.

Councilmember Balducci presented the proclamation, noting how Swift has encouraged young fans to vote, and has served as a positive role model. Some have speculated that when Swift urged fans to register to vote in 2018, it prompted a bump in registrations.

"Taylor's unique position and ability to encourage young people to register to vote is something to be honored and replicated," Balducci said.

"So to all the fans gathered here ... whether you're old enough to vote or not, I hope you will follow Taylor's lead in speaking up and speaking out, and don't ever let fear or criticism keep you from telling your story, advocating for the people and issues you care about, and pursuing your dreams."

Swift is slated for two shows at Seattle's Lumen Field on July 22 and July 23. Tickets for the concert sold out months ago. Current prices for tickets start well above $1,000, and go as high as $7,400.

There's another reason that the region could be excited for Swift's stop in Seattle. Her current Eras tour has been notable in that it has caused a surge of local economic activity in the cities it visits. Beyonce has had the same effect with her Renaissance world tour.

Economist Mara Klaunig recently told NPR that, in addition to paying for the expensive tickets, people flood into cities where Swift concerts are happening and buy hotel rooms, food, and more. She said this adds up to the average fan spending $1,300 to attend the concert. In fact, Klaunig said there is sometimes a temporary inflationary effect with local prices going slightly higher while fans are in town.

"What we are specifically talking about are activities that would not have happened if that event had not come to town," Klaunig told NPR. "So net new spending is any activity that would not happen but for the event or activity that we're measuring. So, if Taylor hadn't come to town, these people would not have come downtown, to that stadium district, and spent money."

"The economic impact will be major in terms the sales and the tax revenues that result from that," she added. "The jobs impact ... I think it was Cincinnati that said they were expecting 900 jobs to be created due to her stop there. Those are likely to be pretty temporary. That's just increased, short-term demand for parking attendants and concessions people. However, we're hearing that some businesses have made, like, half their year's profit in that one weekend. That's obviously going to be a huge boost to that business."


WHEREAS, Taylor Swift was born in West Reading, Pennsylvania, in 1989 to Andrea and Scott Swift; and

WHEREAS, Taylor Swift has a fanbase of over 1.3 billion people worldwide who will love her for Evermore; and

WHEREAS, Taylor Swift has a Reputation for being a master of words with her enchanting tales of Folklore, Debuting 13 albums, earning her an honorary doctorate from NYU, and receiving more than 500 awards to date; and

WHEREAS, Taylor Swift has been Fearless in standing up for herself in the face of harassment, serving as a role model for women and girls; and

WHEREAS, Taylor Swift has encouraged young people to Speak Now by registering to vote and exercising the fundamental right of citizenship; and 65,000 people registered to vote within 24 hours during the 2018 midterm elections after she urged her fans to register; and

WHEREAS, Taylor Swift's tour has encouraged Lovers of the Earth to take public transportation to her concerts, significantly boosting ridership in cities throughout the US; and

WHEREAS, on July 22nd and July 23rd of this year, Taylor Swift will be performing two Midnights with sold-out shows in King County;

NOW, THEREFORE, we, the Metropolitan King County Council, proclaim the week of July 18-25, 2023, as TAYLOR SWIFT WEEK in King County and invite Swift to paint the town Red.

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