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Jenny Durkan doesn't want to be known as the establishment candidate

After their formal interviews, we asked candidates to answer less traditional questions. Scroll down to read their handwritten responses.

For a decade, a political consultant harangued Jenny Durkan to run for office.

Not that Durkan was an outsider. She's the former U.S. District attorney and her father was Martin Durkan, the former state senator who went on to wield great power as a lobbyist. She's also long been a confidante of former Gov. Chris Gregoire and was the first person Gregoire called after President Trump signed his so-called Muslim travel ban in January.

Age: 59

Occupation: Former U.S. attorney

Neighborhood: Downtown

Hometown: Seattle

Position on Mayor Ed Murray sex abuse allegations: Accepted Murray’s endorsement; has not called for his resignation.

“I’ve represented both victims of sexual assault and people who were wrongly accused of things they didn’t do. Both of those people can have their lives torn apart; they’re not believed; they’re discredited. That’s why I believe due process matter so much ... courts are the place to get to the truth.”

She has also asked Murray "to reflect deeply about whether he could continue to lead and what is in the best interests of the city."

On being the establishment candidate: "I was the first openly gay U.S. attorney. If [my partner and I] are the establishment, that shows a lot of progress has been made."

To capture candidates laughing, our photographer Megan Farmer shared this Onion headline, "Seagull With Diarrhea Barely Makes It To Crowded Beach In Time." Durkan's response: We didn't go there.Durkan had 10 minutes to get downtown and clearly wasn't in the mood to be amused.

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