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caption: Imani Sims is KUOW's first #NewsPoet.
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Imani Sims is KUOW's first #NewsPoet.
Credit: KUOW

KUOW's #NewsPoet: Imani Sims

Today KUOW launches a new series celebrating Pacific Northwest writers.

We invite local poets to write an original piece inspired by a KUOW news story.

It's called NewsPoet and our first is Seattle-based poet Imani Sims.

Sims wrote her poem after listening to an interview on The Record about how uncomfortable we are talking about race.

It's called "Better Than Captivity:"

What is it to know

The cliff inside out?

Rewound tapes: discard.

Unbow the knees: pray

Upright at the sun.

Greet the open: surrender.

Inhale hummingbird hymns.

Play without apology.

Loosen hips in red

Silk. We have become

Our ancestors whisper

Against constellation sky.

Unleash god from ribs:

Spill out into today

A song locked on

Taste buds: key

The self into timeless

Abundance: watch the spill

On pavement spread

Black within city limits.